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Marvel’s What If…? Editors Talks About The Show

Marvel's What If...?

Marvel’s What If…? is the first official animated series set within the MCU. Well, kind of. It’s set within the newly born Multiverse where things haven’t gone according to plan, and as a result, new universes and stories are meant to be told. We’ve already seen Agent Carter, T’Challa as a Guardian of the Galaxy, the Avengers assassinated before they could assemble, and more. The seasons not even halfway done yet and fans are already eager for what else it can bring.

The editors of the show are Joel and Graham Fisher, and they talked with ComicBook.com about the show and what it was like bringing it together. And yes, they are twin brothers:

We came from a clone factory, actually. Yeah, yeah. No, but we’re actually twin brothers and we don’t always work together but when we do it’s a blast.

But family was an important aspect of things, even when it came to Kevin Feige coming in to look at things:

The first time Kevin stepped into the editing bay, he looked around and realized he didn’t know everybody yet. And he went around and made a point of shaking all our hands, getting to know our names, and saying how excited he was to be getting into animation.

The brothers also noted that everyone was giving their all during production for a very basic reason:

 I think everybody on the crew was thrilled to be blazing a trail at Marvel Studios to try the animation medium. And it’s such a natural fit for Marvel to be getting into animation.

The only “downside” if you will is that they have to go and watch each episode a lot to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible:

“We sculpt it and work on it for months in the animatic stage. And then, we watch it every shot, many, many, many times over the months of the various stages as the shots are actually created.”

The next episode of Marvel’s What If…? arrives this week…and it’s the Marvel Zombies episode!