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Marvel’s Hit Monkey Springs Up Out Of Nowhere

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Wha? Who’s Hit Monkey? Where did this cheap-looking cartoon come from and why does it bear the Marvel name? And what’s it doing on Hulu? Allow us to explain…

When Marvel Studios entered TV production, it was in arrangement with outside parties like Netflix and Hulu. Then a few years later, Kevin Feige took over the TV division of Marvel and shifted everything toward direct movie spinoffs like WandaVision and Loki. It was unarguably the right decision, as those shows have taken off culturally in a way Daredevil or Iron First never managed to.

But right before the changeover happened, Marvel entered a deal with Hulu to produce four comedic cartoons based on obscure Marvel characters. Two of the announced shows, Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler, were shut down mid-production, but MODOK was allowed to continue and premiered what will probably be its only season earlier this year. (They unwisely ended things on a cliffhanger.)

With no word on its fate, we had assumed Hit Monkey was also cancelled. But…nope, here it is! Strange.

The series, just like the comics it’s based on, is about a Japanese Snow Monkey who makes it his mission to take down a Japanese criminal syndicate. The criminals seem to be after politician Shinji and his niece Akiko for a yet to be explained reason, until Hit Monkey arrives and takes out the assassins. Hit Monkey gets his instructions from Agent Honeydew I mean, the ghost of a deceased American contract killer seeking vengeance.

George Takei and Olivia Munn voice Shinji and Akiko, while Nobi Nakanishi and Ally Maki are playing two Japanese police officers who get caught up in the conflict. Jason Sudeikis plays Hit Monkey’s ghostly mentor. Hit Monkey himself does not talk in the trailer, but his voice actor is listed as Fred Tatasciore.

And that’s Hit Monkey — destined to be an obscure trivia question on Marvel Trivia Night at the local pub someday. See it November 17 to get an edge on the other teams.