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Marvel’s Avengers Team Talks Kate Bishop Expansion

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The launch of Marvel’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics on console and PC didn’t go exactly as planned. The launch was marred by a buggy game that quickly fell out of favor with fans and certain critics. Even Crystal Dynamics noted that they were sorry that the game launched in the state that it did. So much so that they delayed the launch of their first DLC pack that would introduce fan-favorite character Kate Bishop. However, during a Q&A video, the team talked about what that expansion will be like and when you can expect it.

First off, it appears that they’ve once again changed when to expect the DLC. In their last message about it they said that they were pushing it out of October and into November, but during the Q&A Scot Amos said “You’ll be able to play her before the end of the calendar year”. Which seems to indicate a bigger delay and push to make sure the DLC is quality.

As for the content, the first DLC that has Kate Bishop will feature not just the new hero, but new setpieces, new missions, and both singleplayer and co-op play. According to Amos this is their way of introducing Kate into the Avengers world and showing how she fits in, how she plays, and so on and so forth.

He also noted that it won’t play the same story-wise like the main campaign of Marvel’s Avengers. Mainly because the packs are meant to be about the new heroes versus how the main campaign was about the main group of Avengers coming together to save the day. It’s a different kind of feel.

Whether this will go as they and fans expect is still up in the air. But whenever it comes out, there are many who are sure to buy it even if only for curiosity.