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Marvel’s Avengers Team Sends Out Survey For Players

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There were MANY highly-anticipated releases that were aiming to come out in 2020, and many got delayed due to the pandemic and other reasons, some even out of the year 2020 in full. However, one that did come out was Marvel’s Avengers by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. They were aiming to try and replicate the success of the Spider-Man game made by Insomniac Games by focusing on the grander scale of the Marvel universe.

However…they didn’t really…succeed. Because while there was certainly hype around the game when it launched, its reception was mixed and players had VERY mixed feelings on how Marvel’s Avengers played and handled things like extra costumes, the main missions, and more. It felt more like a loot grind than an actual Avengers game at points. Not to mention, the game was infinitely buggy, to the point where one patch that was uploaded fixed 1000 bugs!

But, the teams at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have been trying to fix things. And as ComicBook.com reports, they have sent out a new survey to their subscribers to ask questions about what should be in the game, what needs to be fixed, and their overall experience with the title.

Such questions they asked were, “What would you say the game’s best feature is so far?”, “Rate your level of enjoyment with the campaign and the initiative missions…”, “How has your current experience matched your expectations?” and more.

If you do get the survey, you might notice that a lot of the questions revolve around the enjoyment of certain gameplay mechanics, which might be because a lot of people DON’T like many gameplay mechanics in the Avengers title. So perhaps they’re trying to fix things before the character DLC stories of Hawkeye, Ant-Man and more come to be.

Either way, if you’re a subscriber to Square Enix, be on the lookout for that survey! And if you don’t subscribe, you can tweet at the teams with your problems, they have been known to answer from there.