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Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Returns May 10: See The Big Trailer

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Coulson’s back…and he’s evil? How did he cheat death, and how are his actions going to affect the rest of the crew in Agents of SHIELD Season 6?

First off, he didn’t cheat death. The Coulson who left SHIELD to spend his remaining hours on a tropical island still died. This “Coulson” appears to be from another planet, and it’s simply a case of mistaken identity. But why does he resemble the deceased SHIELD agent? Because Mr. Gregg is still on the payroll. In-universe, it’s a mystery!

There’s a bigger question hovering over this season, and to postulate answers we’re going to have to discuss the events of Avengers Endgame, so first let me post a


Everyone now reading these words has seen the movie, correct? Then you know the incident where Thanos snaps half of all life out of the universe doesn’t get resolved for five years. There is also a time jump in Agents of SHIELD……of just ONE year. It’s within the period of the Snap, which means the circumstances will affect everything….right? Wrong.

Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line has seen the season premiere, and he says “Given that SHIELD only jumps one year, they theoretically are living in…But the premiere gives zero, zilch, nada indication of that.”

It’s possible the makers of the show are simply ignoring the movie continuity at this point, but then again, Thanos’ invasion of Earth was specifically mentioned at the end of Season 5. It’s more likely that the movie division considers SHIELD so beneath them that they didn’t even TELL the writing staff about the time leap. I can’t confirm that theory, but it wouldn’t shock me.

it won’t take long for the cast and crew to be quizzed about this discrepancy, so we WILL get answers at some point. Stay tuned. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns May 10 on ABC