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Marvel Picks Director For Black Widow Movie

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Are we finally, at long last, getting the solo Black Widow movie we’ve been due for at least eight years? The strongest sign yet came today when THR broke the news that a director has been hired for the film. Who’s now attached?

It’s Australian director Cate Shortland, most recently responsible for the movies Lore and Berlin Syndrome. Cate was chosen from a list of over 70 movie makers, which Marvel has been whittling down over the last few months. Their intent was to find a female director for the project, but they did look at a few male prospects.

The biggest question now is when this is coming out. Marvel has kept all its cards close to the chest for everything that follows Avengers 4. It’s the opposite strategy from a few years earlier when they proudly unveiled every single Marvel movie up to the end of the decade, but as anyone who saw Infinity War knows, their silence probably has a lot to do with how that movie ended, in an effort to avoid any spoilers until its followup comes out.

So, this being said, Marvel has not officially announced a Black Widow movie. But the fact that they can’t hide its existence (plenty of unannounced movies are scheduled for 2020 and 2021) could point to its release on the schedule being sooner rather than later. The hot rumor on the street is that we could see Natasha carry her own film sometime in 2020.

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