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Marvel Gives Comic-Animated Trailer To New “Heroes Reborn” Storyline

Marvel Heroes Reborn

Marvel Comics is always building up major storylines and story arc for their various characters and lines. Currently there’s the “King In Black” storyline featuring Venom, the “Dawn of X” via the X-Men reboot, and “Enter The Phoenix” with the Avengers line. However, after “Enter The Phoenix” is done, there will be a new take on a classic Avengers arc in “Heroes Reborn”. Marvel has been teasing it for some time, but now, we know exactly what is going on and it’s very special to say the least.

Apparently, Blade, the half-vampire hero who has been an Avenger for a little while in the comics, wakes up one day to find out that the Avengers never assembled, not even once. As such, all the main members of that group are either depowered or gone. Captain America is still trapped in ice, Tony Stark never made the Iron Man suit, Thor is an atheist, Carol Danvers is still a pilot, and so on.

You’d think that such a paradigm shift would leave things in a bad set of circumstances for the world. But it’s not. In fact, the Squadron Supreme is the new Avengers team, and their leader in Phil Coulson is running for President. They’re also going up against some interesting villains both new and old. Including Dr. Juggernaut, Silver Witch, and of course, Thanos.

With Blade being the only person knowing that this isn’t how it’s supposed to go, it’s very likely he’ll either try and undo this new history, or figure out how to correct it. In the new teaser image for this, we see Mephisto (the Marvel universe devil) smiling in the shadows. Given that he and Coulson have a “connection” in recent comics, it seems that these two are responsible for everything.

But what will this all lead to? We’ll find out in May when Heroes Reborn arrives.