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Mario Movie To Appeal To Old And New Fans


What’s the goal of the Mario movie? Who’s it intended for?

Nintendo has been working hard the last few years to expand their brand in ways that are meaningful. They put their IPs on the mobile market, they’re having a theme park built around their characters, and earlier this year, a Mario movie was confirmed to be in development by Illumination.

And while the movie has some excited, especially because it’ll be animated and not live-action, many are curious about the intent of the film. Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo was asked yet, and he noted:

“Certainly our focus from a Nintendo perspective as well as working with such an accomplished partner like Illumination is to make sure that what is created is something both fans will love as well as it will be a great introduction to folks who are not as familiar with the world of Mario.”

No word on a potential release date for the film, apparently things are still being worked out.

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