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“Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz” Coming October 2nd


Today, Udon Entertainment has announced an English publication of an official Charles Schulz manga biography, which explores the life of the creator of the Peanuts comic strip. It will be the first in a series of manga biographies that are being published by Udon, aptly titled Manga Biographies, with the official English title for the Charles Schulz biography being Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz.

Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz is a 168 page manga graphic novel that was written and illustrated by Yuzuru Kuki. This biography, which was authorized by Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, spans Charles Schulz’s life, from his youth growing up in Minnesota, through a growing love of drawing and his time in the army, to becoming one of the most recognized and beloved cartoonists in the world. Told in a style that is meant to be clear and welcoming for readers both young and old, this manga biography touches on many real world historical events that impacted Schulz’s life, and the ways had Peanuts impacted those events. In addition to the manga itself, Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz also includes a timeline of major events in the world during Schulz’s life, a selection of archival photos and information about Schulz and Peanuts, and a bibliography section for further reading.

Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz was originally published in Japan in 2019 by Tokyo based Kadokawa Corporation. As previously mentioned, it was officially authorized by Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. This gave it the ability to use Schulz’s art alongside the art created for the manga.

Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz will be hitting stores on October 2nd, 2024. But before then, those attending San Diego Comic Con later this month will have a chance to purchase special advance copies, which will be sold at the convention. Copies will be available at the Peanuts booth at the convention.

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