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Major Animated Announcements From DC FanDome


DC FanDome is going on now, which means Warner Bros is firing off TV, movie and video game announcements faster than we can keep up. Here’s the biggest news released so far that pertains to their animated projects…

It’s been a long time since Season 4 of this show was announced, and we hoped we’d at last get a release date today. We got more than that…we got the show! The first two episodes are out on HBO Max TODAY! This new season joins the original crew as they’re a bit older (in their 20s) but still sticking together battling baddies. Have a look:

Already previously announced, and still no footage, but we heard a bit of new info. As previously reported, this is Bruce Timm’s mighty return to episodic Batman cartoons after many years, and he’s being joined by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves. Rather than make more episodes of the 1992 classic (we would’ve been happy with that, personally), Timm is going back to the drawing board and creating a different Batman series, taking advantage of all the things he couldn’t do under the thumb of Fox Kids censors back in the 90s.

Timm said in the panel that this will follow a young Batman just starting out, trying to win the trust of figures like Gordon, meeting his rogues gallery for the first time, and testing out the flawed prototype versions of his famous gadgets. No Robin, no Batgirl — they don’t exist yet, Bruce is on his own. The show will also explicitly be set in the 1940s, as opposed to the vague “present day but there’s zoot suits and tommy guns and stuff” setting of BTAS. To cap things, Timm made the bold claim that Caped Crusader will be “more Batman: The Animated Series than Batman: The Animated Series.” The show still has no release date.

Coming up next, we have Catwoman: Hunted this February, and after that, DC will release a new Green Lantern movie called Green Lantern: Beware My Power, a CG-animated Superman movie called Battle of the Super Sons, and the “complete edition” of Batman: The Long Halloween. The biggest news is that Static is getting his own animated movie and it will be a crossover with other Milestone heroes (however, it may not be ready anytime in 2022). There will also be yet another Teen Titans Go movie, this one pairing them up with the DC Super Hero Girls in a crossover special.