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Madhouse CEO Speaks Out On “Ninja Scroll” Sequel


NinjaScrollBurstThe official website of the Japanese animation studio Madhouse has posted an English statement from CEO Hiroyuki Okada about the status of a planned sequel for its 1993 action film Ninja Scroll that first came to light in 2012. In the statement Okada reveals that Ninja Scroll director, screenwriter and character designer Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Lensman, Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku) completed a script for the film, presently under the working title of Ninja Scroll KOCHO, in May 2013. After revision of the script, the studio made the decision to “step forward” with the project. Okada goes on to report that Kawajiri has completed “tremendous work” on storyboards for the film as of December 2013, and is presently drawing key animation for the movie.

In closing, Okada remarks on the studio’s difficulty in gathering funding for the film. While there are “some candidates for financial supporters” for Ninja Scroll KOCHO no backers have been found yet in Japan, which Okada connects to Ninja Scroll being a “smash hit” in the United States whereas the movie has a “low profile” in Japan. In response Okada expresses Madhouse’s determination to promote the project and its intention to premiere three animated short films that comprise parts of the greater movie, which are collectively called Ninja Scroll BURST. The shorts will be playing for the first time at Asagaya Madhouse, a store opening in suburban Tokyo in March.  In 2012 Madhouse posted a short teaser trailer for Ninja Scroll BURST, which follows below.

“We know this is a challenge”, ends Okada, “But we will step forward even a little.”

(hat tip to @RollingPirahna)