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Lucasfilm’s D23 Announcements: Tales Of The Jedi, Mandalorian Trailer, More

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Here’s everything the Star Wars side of Disney announced at D23. We didn’t get a good look at EVERYTHING, but we did learn a new thing or two about the shows that aren’t ready yet.

Tales Of The Jedi will be a six-episode Clone Wars-adjacent anthology series, though it stretches the definition of “anthology” by focusing on just two characters and flipping between them. Half the episodes are about Ahsoka and the other half are about Count Dooku. Also, it will premiere with three episodes at once — half the series.

Disney wasn’t ready to show any clips from the second season of The Bad Batch, but promised the season would make its deadline of January 4, 2023 with two premiere episodes. We also learned a bit more about 2023’s Ahsoka: Ezra Bridger IS in the series and will be played by Eman Esfandi. As everyone knows by now, Star Wars Rebels ended with Bridger’s disappearance, and Ahsoka and Sabine Wren setting out to look for him. (I know that despite not having finished Rebels yet……grr). Wren has been confirmed for the series already, with Natasha Liu Bordizzo playing the Mandalorian.

Oh yeah, speaking of Mandalorians, here’s the one that everybody knows just by his race name:

Now excommunicated from the cult he once called family, Din and his highly merchandisable green friend Grogu are on their own. He’s also picked up a little item called the Darksaber which, traditionally, one must kill the previous owner to acquire. Everyone’s after The Mandalorian — but at least he has a sleek new Naboo ship to outrun them in. The third season premieres sometime in 2023.

I still have not seen the original Willow (or played the NES game). Guess I better take care of that before this appears and spoils everything. Warwick Davis returns as the title character.

Finally, here’s what will probably be the LAST look at Andor, the prequel to Rogue One (itself a prequel) with Diego Luna reprising his role from the movie as Cassian Andor. It starts in less than two weeks.