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Luca Stars Talk About How Quarantine Affected Voice Recording For Film


The 2020 pandemic affected a lot of things in the world of entertainment. Some known, some not known until much later. For example, many program had to have their seasons cut short due to lockdown restrictions. Then when they came back, they had shorter seasons than they usually would. But another department that was affected was that of voice acting. Because without having certain studios available to them, voice actors either had to wait to record their lines, or, record them in complete isolation. Which is what happened with the Pixar film Luca.

According to ComicBook.com, Jacob Tremblay, voice of the titular Luca, actually started recording his dialogue before the onset on the pandemic.

“So I was really lucky that we started recording before COVID happened,” Tremblay said. “So I was able to go into the Pixar studio in San Francisco. It’s really, really cool there. But then COVID hit and we were originally going to go record at my house, but the plans changed and I ended up being able to to into a studio in Vancouver.”

On the flip side, Jack Dylan Grazer, who voices Alberto, recorded all of his dialogue from his house.

“No I recorded it pretty much as soon as lockdown happened,” Grazer told Them. “Like, the day of almost, it feels like. I did it all in my closet at my house. For a year. “

One might not understand “what the big deal” is for this, but when it comes to voice acting, you need to have certain conditions present in order to have good recordings. Including having no background noise and being able to just have your dialogue heard without any issues. Plus, the equipment to voice record can be costly.

Still, the Luca cast were able to make it work and the film came out with great quality, so thus, they overcame the issues.