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Love, Death + Robots Season 2 Hits May 14

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In recent months Netflix seems to be pulling away from the intelligent, critics-wooing programs that defined its early years and gunning for a broader, simpler audience. They refuse to make any more GLOW, but they’ll give us 84 rom-coms and nine more seasons of Bridgerton.

Thankfully, the dumbing-down doesn’t seem to be affecting its animated output, and a lot of its cartoons are as risky, wild and crazy as ever. And they don’t come crazier than Love, Death + Robots, a sci-fi anthology series first introduced in 2019. It’s composed of a series of mature-themed shorts in a variety of animation mediums, written and directed by leading science fiction authors. You never know what to expect with each episode, only that it’ll be both daring and disturbing.

Despite relative silence since the first season’s original release two years ago, Love, Death + Robots is not dead! A second season is hitting the streamer next month, and a third is already guaranteed.

IGN published an interview today with series creator Tim Miller and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson. The latter joined the show this season, but was very impressed by the preceding one she had nothing to do with. “The first season of LDR was really groundbreaking for a lot of people…and people saw that and thought, ‘This is possible’; that level of beauty and quality and just subversive stories was possible. As a fan, that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Miller explained that when he pitched the anthology to Netflix, the idea was so different that the execs had no data on whether or not such a thing could work. Ordinarily the buck would stop there, but this was the late 2010s for Netflix, a time when they were greenlighting shows left and right to the extent that South Park did a riff on it. It makes us wonder if the more cautious, cancel-happy Netflix of 2021 would have taken the same chance today.

But it’s here now, and with three guaranteed seasons, it’s proven itself. Miller says they have enough ideas for the future to immediately start work on a fourth should they get the call. Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots debuts its second season May 14.