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Love, Death & Robots Renewed For Fourth Season

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For all the worrying about the decline of Peak TV and quality animation in particular, we have at least received one good sign: Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots has just been picked up for a fourth season. We’re talking about an incredibly niche, incredibly weird and incredibly violent animated program….that, somehow, is still receiving support from an increasingly risk-averse and purse-tightening corporate organization. Well, good!

The same people who were in charge of the previous three volumes will be in charge of this one: Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen as executive producers and Jennifer Yuh Nelson as supervising director. Writers and directors will vary depending on the short. They manage to land some impressive names for some of these (David Fincher directed an episode from Season 3).

We don’t know anything about what’s coming up in Volume 4, and that’s just as well, as we doubt the individual stories have even been thought up yet. The turnaround on Love, Death & Robots seasons is fairly quick compared to other shows, though (perhaps due to each short being made at the same time by a separate studio), so we could learn more about the new season in quicker time than you expect.

According to Miller, what we see in the finished show barely scratches the surface. Each studio pitches multiple ideas for shorts per season, and it’s the job of he and his cohorts to narrow that down. “It’s not because it’s hard to find good ones, but because there’s so many good ones. It’s really hard to choose which ones are actually gonna go in the show,” he said. “You have amazing directors in studio and there just aren’t enough stories or slots for everybody,” adds Nelson. “That’s the hard part because you just want everybody to be able to do something.”

The previous three volumes of Love, Death & Robots are streamable on Netflix.