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Lost Series “Pepper Ann” Finally Hits Disney+ September 8

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Ever since Disney+ became a thing, there’s been a list of neglected shows in its library that fans have been tapping their feet impatiently, waiting for the company to realize they exist: Aladdin The Series. House of Mouse. Lloyd in Space. Pepper Ann. Finally, we can confirm that one of those poor neglected things is being taken off the shelf, dusted off and displayed, for the first time in about twenty years.

Pepper Ann debuted in 1997 as one of the first programs on ABC’s One Saturday Morning. Like the other offerings on the block, it was a very grounded slice-of-life series about growing up and the anxieties of adolescence…though Pepper was more explicit than the others about those subjects, somehow managing to do an entire episode about Pepper’s impending breasts under the Disney censors. The show became lost media after it was taken off the air, never re-released in any form.

Of all the shows from this era of Disney cartoons, Pepper Ann is remembered fondly, though perhaps not as much as The Weekenders, which still isn’t on Disney+ at all. But unlike Pepper Ann The Weekenders was given a DVD release at some point, so it is not lost. (If you don’t have that set already be prepared to pay a king’s ransom.)

Even if you’re indifferent to the existence of Pepper Ann, odds are you care about something ELSE Disney isn’t streaming, and the fact that this one finally showed up gives hope for the future. At last, all three seasons of…..wait a minute.

*checks notes*

There are FIVE seasons of Pepper Ann.

Are they just toying with us, or what? Back to the online petitioning, I guess.

*Also, in the very last episode, Pepper’s mother literally marries Alex Trebek, a moment that would be especially of interest today and yet no one can see.