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Lost In Space Season 2 Review

Lost In Space Season 2 Review

I’m not sure if you’ve realized it, but Lost In Space has been gone for over a year and a half, which is what happens when you do a massive sci-fi series on a streaming service like Netflix. It takes time to get everything filmed and rendered in a way that matters. But, as my Lost In Space Season 2 Review hopefully will show you, this series hasn’t lost any steam, and in fact, it builds upon beautifully what was started in Season 1.


For those who don’t recall, the end of Season 1 ended with the Robinsons, along with Don West, Dr. Smith, and the incomparable Debbie (I pray you get that joke) being sucked into a wormhole into a far realm of space suitably titled, “Danger”. This leads to one of the most important aspects of Season 2. Mainly, the 7 month time jump. For all the Robinson’s know, they’re alone in a far-quadrant of space, and they have to survive. And of course…they’re Robinsons, so of course they survive.

The 7-month time jump doesn’t just allow the story to have a fresh start, but it also helps explain the more grown-up kids, especially the main attraction in Will Robinson. Who is much taller this season, as well as more mature in his storyline, which I appreciated.

Now obviously, when it comes to plot, you can’t just stay in one place in space forever, and thankfully we do see the Robinson’s get back to the Resolute. But…it’s not exactly how they left it.

Turns out, Robot (Will’s Robot) and SAR (Second-Alien-Robot that we met at the end of S1) duked it out in space, crashed into the Resolute, caused another rift, and sucked them into “Danger” too! Joyous!

This may sound like a contrivance to keep the Robinson’s close to everyone else, but it’s more complex than you think. While I won’t spoil everything, let’s just say that Robot and SAR are more connected to everything than you might think. And when the reveals start dropping, they don’t stop until your jaw is on the floor, and the whole premise of the series is turned upside down in many aspects.

Now sure, this may sound like standard fare, but Lost In Space Season 2 really does make it work in all the best ways. Not the least of which is grounding of the show through the Robinson’s and the allies they’ve made in Season 1. Not everyone from Season 1 returns, but a vast majority do, and they add a lot of weight to things when it all starts going wrong. Including, but not limited to, kelp that’s evil (I KNEW IT!!!), a living rust-making organism, more robots than you can count (no, really) and certain truths about the Resolute that force new members of the cast to show their truth colors…causing not one but two mutinys.

It’s a busy season.

Don’t let that weigh you down though, this 10-episode season perfectly spaces out the drama, and gives each of the Robinsons something to strive for, live for, and accept something about themselves with.

Maureen and John are finally back together, and so now their focus is solely on their kids. But each of them have to make choices and face consequences for those choices when it becomes clear they can’t save them all, or can’t even save themselves.

Judy shines for much of the season, including standout episode “Run” where we see the deep bond that her and John had before the events of Season 1. Penny comes off better too as she copes with being the “odd child out” in many ways, and learns to stand on her own decisions before the season is done. Will, as noted, matures greatly, and by the end has a much stronger connection with Robot.

Speaking of which, Robot might just be the MVP for the season! Which is hilarious as they don’t find him until a few episodes in, but his growth, and the growth of the lore of his race is well done. And without a doubt one of the standout moments of Season 2 is when Will is asking for help to save everyone and Robot goes, “No, Will Robinson.” Chilling.

Sadly, no Lost In Space Season 2 review would be complete without talking about…Dr. Smith. Throughout Season 1 she was the antagonist in most respects, and you LOVED to HATE HER!!! And in Season 2…she’s still there, but arguably even worse. While I’m glad that a certain fate was met with her by the end, it didn’t save the fact that a lot of the worst scenes in the season…had her in it! With her kind of character, the “do whatever it takes to survive” kind of character, it only works for so long before it’s like, “Seriously? How lucky is she???” Sure, you can say the same about the Robinsons, but they back up their talk with science, trust, and DIY ingenuity, Dr. Smith is somehow getting away with things that shouldn’t be possible to her based on what we know of her.

But again…we might not have to worry about her now…yay!

Despite already having a good cast, there were some worthy new additions. Such as the “ends justify the means” Hastings, the AI Specialist “Adler”, a new character called “Scarecrow”, and a very capable kid named “Samantha” who I think we all wish our kids (if you have them of course) were as cool and confident as.

I also need to praise the special effects and the various steaks and the numerous themes that the second season does. At times, they are a full-on sci-fi adventure, or a family drama, and yet other times they are a full-on horror movie. Including the final episode which has one of the coolest scenes in the series with an epic…well, I’ll just let you watch and see. But trust me, it’s very cool visually. And if you’re wondering, yes, they have another twist ending to get you eager for a third season (which may or may not have been confirmed depending on the source you look up), and I guarantee you it’s NOT the one you’re expecting.

So as I end this Lost In Space Season 2 review, I hope you’ll see that this series is one you definitely need to continue to watch. It’s got action, drama, a lot of heart, and a great family that you just can’t help but root for.

I look forward to season 3 whenever it arrives. Why?

“Friends, Will Robinson.”