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Los Angeles Museum Dedicates Exhibit To Forza


Xbox’s Forza racing franchise has been a popular one since its inception, and has now released another popular entry via Forza 6. With it’s continually growing popularity, it should come as no surprise that some wish to honor the franchise in a major way. As such, the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has opened dedicated exhibit to Forza, the Forza Motorsport Racing Experience Gallery.

In the 1,500 sq ft permanent exhibit, the gallery offers 10 racing sleds and three Xbox kiosks devoted to Forza 6. Visitors can enjoy eight distinct racing experiences, and while they wait in line to race they can enjoy community images, game history, and artifacts from Turn 10 Studios and Xbox.

This is the latest in a now long-standing tradition of bringing video games into museums in some fashion. In fact, there is a video game museum that is dedicated to the history of the media itself.