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Looks Like A New Sonic Series Is Speeding To Netflix


Yesterday one of Netflix’s Twitter accounts posted a message that stated a new series starring Sonic the Hedgehog was coming to the streaming service. Apparently that notice went out a bit early. A few moments later, the tweet was removed, but not before the Internet captured a screenshot:

Given that this faux pas happened a few hours before the Game Awards last night, we figured the actual announcement would be made then, complete with a trailer of some sort…but nothing happened. Netflix is still pretending they never sent this tweet out.

All we currently know is what’s in the tweet: the new show, whose title is yet to be revealed, will be produced by Wildbrain and headed by Man Of Action, the collective of creators most famous for producing Ben 10.

Sonic’s presence on television has been nearly constant; he has had more animated shows based around him than any other video game character. In fact he was popular enough to get started with two shows at once, though the reason for that is something not many people know.

Originally, Sonic would have been introduced to TV animation with one singular series, simply called “Sonic The Hedgehog” and about Sonic attempting to liberate his world of Mobius from the domineering control of Robotnik. But when Sega and DIC told ABC their plans of launching the series both on Saturday Morning and in syndication, ABC refused to be part of such a deal.

The producers were thrown for a bit since they had been involved with The Real Ghostbusters just a few years prior, and it was able to run on both ABC and syndication at once with no issue. But times had changed. So DIC offered this proposal: produce two shows at once. ABC would get the original “serious” show and the syndication market would get an off-the-wall comedic show. ABC said that was fine.

And so “Sonic The Hedgehog” and “Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog” would debut at once, setting the stage for “Sonic Underground,” “Sonic X” and most recently “Sonic Boom.” This will be Sonic’s sixth show…but he doesn’t slow down for anyone.