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Loki Writers Reveals Special Award “Victory Speech”

Marvel's What If...?, Loki

The Disney+ shows that continue to bring fans loads of MCU content (among other things, of course) have been a big surprise amongst fans and critics. Not the least of which was that Marvel hadn’t done anything like this within their MCU universe (as Agents of Shield was eventually dubbed non-canon…) and so it was going to be curious to see how it all played out. As it would turned out, pretty much all of them were high-quality stuff, and that especially included the show Loki.

Starring Tom Hiddleston once again, the show featured Loki learning about the Multiverse, branch timelines, his doppelganger, and more. Fans and critics pretty much loved every part of it, so it wasn’t a surprise that it was up for nomination at the WGA awards. Sadly, the team didn’t win, however, the team was prepared for their victory speech via a Miss Minutes acceptance and it’s…very on brand.

Funny thing is, Miss Minutes was right and Succession won (so maybe that was made for a branch timeline?), so it all worked out in the end, we guess.

As for what comes next for Loki, his series has been confirmed to be getting a season 2, one of the few that have gotten that approval outside of What If…? It’s going to be interesting to see how that all plays out because at the end of the first season we saw the arrival of the man who will be Kang The Conqueror. And we know that Kang will be coming back to the MCU via Ant-Man Quantumania and other films presumably.

So given all of that, we would need to know how and “when” the second season takes place. Hopefully we’ll get some details over the next few months as the MCU starts to roll on with their multiversal stories.