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Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Gets Special Mini-Movie

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There’s a lot of curiosity and expectation around the upcoming Live-Action take on the beloved Cowboy Bebop anime. Mainly because the anime is widely praised as one of the greatest anime ever made despite it only being one season long. The show was supposed to be out sooner but star John Cho had a devastating injury and thus production was seriously delayed. However, things got back on track even with the global pandemic being on and now we’re just about a month away from its premiere on Netflix.

But before that anticipated premiere, Netflix decided to do a “special presentation” in which we get to see the three main characters of Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine interact in a mini-movie of sorts called the “Lost Session”.

It’s a good setup for the upcoming series, and even teases the ship that they call the Bebop. You can view it below:

As you can see, the “special presentation” went full 90s with how it looked, completely with creative use of split-screen brackets to change how everything looked as well as how the characters interacted with one another. Obviously (and hopefully) the show won’t go full-tilt on that in the main series as that wouldn’t be the best use of the source material (which obviously didn’t do that).

Another key element here was the banter between the characters and the teases of what’s to come. Including a small snippet of the main antagonist of the series via Vicious. A man who has a very deep history with Spike and will play out big in the finale whenever that should come.

At present, the first season is going to be 10 episodes, obviously allowing them plenty of time to set things up for a second season should Netflix want Cowboy Bebop to continue. The show arrives on the streaming service on November 19th.