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“Little Witch Academia” Getting Regular Series

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Back in 2013, Studio TRIGGER released a 30-minute short called Little Witch Academia over the Internet and streaming outlets. It went viral and became a sensation, spawning countless fanarts and demands for a sequel. This also happened, thanks to the fans and a Kickstarter that broke its $50,000 goal in one day.

The response is clear: people want more Akko! I’m referring to Akko Kagari, the clumsy, catastrophe-prone Worst Witch who attends Luna Nova Magical Academy and fangirls over her idol, Shiny Chariot (she appears to be the only one around who does). TRIGGER knows there’s demand now, and they feel confident enough to greenlight what it’s all been leading to: a Little Witch Academia TV series.

Looks like it’s time for all of you to start bothering Jason DeMarco on Twitter and repeatedly beg him to license the show for Toonami even though it hasn’t even started animation production yet! Don’t forget to refuse to listen when he tells you “Toonami is for shonen and action anime.” Little Witch Academia: The Series currently has no revealed release window.