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Link Journeys To Super Mario Maker 2 In New Update

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Surprise — we’re getting a free update to Super Mario Maker 2 in a matter of days, and look who’s guest-starring? A new item will become available soon in the Super Mario Bros. game style: the Master Sword. Find it and Mario will power-up into Link!

As The Legend of Zelda’s main character, you have all his moves at your disposal, including the bow, bombs, the shield, and most importantly the sword. Multiplayer games that use the Link sprite will basically be Four Swords Adventures, with four Links of different colors working together to solve puzzles.

There are plenty of other additions included in the update, like….

Pokey: This mainstay of the Super Mario series has been curiously absent until now. You’ll be able to adjust the size and number of segments to the living cactus — but keep in mind if you make them too high, only Yoshi can save you. At night, Pokeys will fly. Aieeeee!

Spike: This half-frog half-turtle thing barfs up giant spiked balls every few seconds and projects them in your general direction. In the snow theme, Spike shoots out snowballs instead.

P-Block: Blocks that become solid once you step on a P-Switch, but only temporarily.

Frozen Coin: a coin you can’t collect without the Fire Flower, though any fire projectile will thaw them out, including ones from enemies.

Dash Block: Exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World game style, stepping on one will propel Mario forward at Sonic-level speed. The more annoying builders out there are going to abuse these.

Also on the way are speed running courses called “Ninji Speedruns.” Every week Nintendo will post a new course in this category; you have one week to achieve your fastest time through it. You’ll be able to see hundreds of other players performing the same course; they will take the form of Ninji. Beating a Ninji Speedrun will grant you special Mii costumes.

All this stuff becomes part of the game Thursday, December 5, free of charge. Super Mario Maker 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch.