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Like it Or Not, The Trailer For Boss Baby 2 Is Out

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What is the place of Dreamworks Animation in this modern world? Their ventures into Pixar-like quality (like the Dragons movies) weren’t profitable enough, and Illumination has been eating away at the Lowest Common Denominator demographic that kept their food on the table for most of the 2000s. Until Dreamworks figures out how exactly they fit into the moviegoing pie, here’s another talking baby movie.

The Boss Baby: Family Business introduces an unexpected twist: a time jump. The Alec Baldwin baby from the first film is now a rich hedge fund CEO, while his jealous brother Tim (James Marsden) settled for a more typical middle-class lifestyle. Tim’s offspring includes infant Tina (Amy Sedaris) and seven-year-old Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt). Tina idolizes her uncle, to the extent that she becomes the new Boss Baby.

It’s never been clear how reality works in these movies: did Tim imagine everything that happened in the first one, or what? This sequel raises even further questions as Tina begins talking and walking around in a suit, and the adult Tim and Ted can both understand her. The press release mentions that Tim is “still in touch with his overactive youthful imagination.” Then what about Ted?

It gets loopier from there: Tabitha is a student of the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, which it turns out is being run by an evil genius that seeks to brainwash all babies into acting naughty. To save Tabitha from this fate, the brothers will need to put aside their rivalry and work together — but they’ll never get into the complex as adults. So they have to drink a formula that….turns them into babies again….sigh.

They now have 48 hours before the formula wears off, so they’ve got to crawl past the Acorn Center’s security, which includes ninja babies — oh to heck with this, you already know if you want to see this thing or not, so the trailer’s right down there.

The Boss Baby: Family Business will be released in theaters March 26, 2021.