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Like It Or Not, Here Comes The Harley Quinn Show

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We used to be enthusiastic for the impending launch of a Harley Quinn solo series for DC Universe, but that was when we had hope that the potential for such a series would be realized. We’re really losing hope that the people making this know what they’re doing. Each passing trailer WB has released for this show has made it look worse than the one before it, and the latest glimpse is the worst yet.

Ideally, a Harley show should be wild and crazy, where you don’t know what’s going to happen next. And there’s…..kind of an attempt at this, but it’s ruined by several factors. One, the animation is incredibly flat and cheap, and lacks any sort of weight. It’s hard to give the impression of a wacky clown girl when you have the moves of a Wall Street accountant.

The character designs are boring and look traced from a 1970s comic book, and you might think that was intentional, but….it’s not a retro show, it’s just badly drawn. The “humor” is perhaps the worst element. Most of what’s shown and heard here are sophomoric middle school shock gags. You know how a lot of trailers save the best line for the end? Here’s what closes out the trailer for DC’s Harley Quinn:

Luthor: “You could be the next member of the Legion of Doom.”
Poison Ivy: “I thought it was the Legion of Dildo.”


If you want my opinion, this looks terrible. Harley is a great character and a show bearing her name deserves to be far better than this. “Harley Quinn” premieres November 29 on DC Universe.