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Lego Star Wars: Rebuild The Galaxy Revealed For Disney+

lego star wars: rebuild the galaxy

The whole trend of Lego-ifying a popular IP arguably started with Star Wars, or at least got popular there. Lego Star Wars started as a video game, branched into TV specials, and now it’s just accepted that there’s a part of the ST Expanded Universe where everything is constructed from plastic bricks.

The whole appeal of Lego is that you can build anything with it — you don’t have to adhere to a set of strict rules. Yet Star Wars seems to be all about those rules: good is good, bad is bad, the Force is light and dark, and the only morally grey entities seem to be bounty hunters. But what if someone came around and mixed all those pieces up?

The results have the potential to make a pretty darn amusing TV special…called Lego Star Wars: Rebuild The Galaxy. The plot centers on a humble nerf-herder named Sig Greebling, who accidentally stumbles upon a hidden Jedi temple and encounters a powerful artifact of unknown origin. When he touches the glowing object, he accidentally rebuilds the entire galaxy into the opposite of what it was before.

Now X-Wings and TIE Fighters have merged, Ewoks are fearsome bounty hunters, and when a Sith ship lands near him, Sig is horrified to encounter….well, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s best left as a surprise.

Gaten “Dustin Henderson” Matarazzo stars as Sig, with other voice roles being filled by Tony Revolori (Servant), Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Marsai Martin (black-ish), and Michael Cusack (Smiling Friends). Actors from pre-existing Star Wars films who are easy to get and/or not dead will also be part of it….Mark Hamill will reprise Luke Skywalker and Ahmed Best will play Jar Jar…darn, we gave away who the Sith is.

“The opportunity to work with LEGO and Lucasfilm to rebuild the galaxy has been a dream come true,” say showrunners and executive producers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. “We’ve been collecting LEGO Star Wars sets for 25 years, and we have approached this project with a fan’s enthusiasm, crafting this story quite literally brick by brick. For new fans, this will be an exciting place to enter the world of LEGO Star Wars, and for lifelong fans, you’re going to see some things that you never thought possible.”

Lego Star Wars: Rebuild The Galaxy will play over four parts and be released September 13 on Disney+.

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