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Legends Of Tomorrow Is Adding Vixen, But Not That One


Next season on Legends of Tomorrow, a new cast member will be added to the team: Vixen. “Well, great,” you might say, “I enjoyed her appearance on Arrow and her online cartoon. Glad to hear she’s graduated.” Here’s the thing, though. It’s not going to be THAT Vixen.

Mari McCabe was the name of the Vixen who appeared on Arrow, played by Megalyn E.K. (who also voiced the cartoon version). But for whatever reason, she is passing on a regular role and reps from The CW say she’s “unavailable.” Luckily, there’s a fix built into the very premise of Legends of Tomorrow and the Vixen lore: Mari isn’t the first Vixen.

Vixen gets her powers from a magic totem that’s been handed down through her family. All Rip Hunter and his team have to do is find one of the earlier Vixens, and have her join. This is about the best solution one could ask for: It doesn’t write Mari out of the DCU and it doesn’t recast her. We could see her again if Megalyn changes her mind.

In fact, we sort of will. There will be a second episode of the Vixen cartoon this fall, and Megalyn will continue to voice the character.

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