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Legends of Tomorrow Team Explain Beebo Saves Christmas Special

beebo saves christmas

The world of superheroes is nothing if not expansive. Both in terms of intentionally bringing forth characters, and being surprised by who is created for one set of media, and then is drafted into all the others. DC Comics is a bit famous for that actually with characters like Harley Quinn, and then in the Arrowverse…there’s Beebo. Beebo was the Arroverse version of the Furbie, and became an icon on Legends of Tomorrow. So much so that he’s now getting his own special via the animated Beebo Saves Christmas.

Yes, Beebo Saves Christmas is exactly what it sounds like, it’s about the furry creature going and saving Christmas. But what fans shouldn’t expect is for the Arrowverse characters like the Legends of Tomorrow to show up. Because in a special featurette, Legends showrunners Keto Shimizu explained that this is the kind of Christmas special that the characters of the Arrowverse would’ve watched themselves during the season:

“So basically this Christmas special that viewers are gonna get to watch, would have been watched by Sara Lance or Oliver Queen or Kara Danvers or any of these people from the Arrowverse,” Shimizu said.

Co-writer Kevin Shinick previously spoke with ComicBook.com about making the concept of the special:

“I had seen the original Beebo episode of Legends, and then they sent me a couple of other episodes. So they sent me that and it really became a question of ‘What are we doing here?’ We didn’t want to include the Legends characters necessarily in this, because at first it was like, ‘Do we connect it to Legends that much so that people know where he’s from?’ Instead we went the route of being like this is kind of a special that would air in the world of DC, in the Arrowverse. So, the characters in Legends of Tomorrow, on Christmas, could be watching this special in their homes.”

The special airs this Wednesday on the CW.