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Legendary Pokemon Magearna Available In Sun And Moon Today


The Legendary Lineup starts rolling out today in Pokemon Sun and Moon with the first one in line, the Steel-Fairy type Magearna. Why today? Because this is the day the latest Pokemon movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, premieres on Disney XD, and Magearna plays a role in it.

There’s one catch. Whether you can pick it up right now depends on whether you have finished the game….that is the one requirement. If you still have some big leaguers to fight, you can’t get this mon yet.

The good news is, unlike a lot of Legendary giveaways, there is no time limit to get Magearna. You can pick it up anytime between now and whenever Nintendo stops supporting the game, by scanning this QR code:


Once you’ve scanned it in, head to the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau’oli City, where a new Magearna will be gifted to you.

Pokemon Sun and Moon was released November 18th for the 3DS and has since gone on to sell over 3 million copies in the Americas alone. That’s a lot of Magearnas.