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The Legend Of Zelda: Encyclopedia Coming From Dark Horse


How many big, heavy Zelda books can one company bring out? Dark Horse is now going for three, but could they expand to four?

In 2013 Hyrule Historia, a heavy hardcover that encompassed the entire history of the Zelda series, was translated and published in the USA. The book sold so well that a follow-up, Art & Artifacts, was published in 2016, this one a showcase of all the artwork created for the Zelda series to date.

Now comes word of a third volume, this one called simply “Encyclopedia” — and you can guess its purpose. Every item, location and region, every character and their individual storyline, all that has to do with the Zelda series is neatly catalogued in Encyclopedia — 320 pages in all filled with maps, illustrations and explanations. The only thing you can’t learn is anything about Breath of the Wild, because the Japanese version was written before the latest game came out. However….

Dark Horse is retroactively classifying all three of these books as the “Goddess Collection” and calling Encyclopedia the last in the trilogy. This may not be entirely accurate. In Japan an artbook based on Breath of the Wild (pictured above) has already been announced; it will be as big and thick as the previous books translated by Dark Horse and it’ll sport a similar cover.

It’s no stretch to theorize an English version of the BOTW book is possible, and it’s a bit surprising DH didn’t leap directly to it. Perhaps it’s not ready yet. In any case, four books are better than three. The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia will cost $39.99 and be out in April of 2018. No word on when the Breath of the Wild book will turn up.