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Legend Of Korra Blu-Ray Steelbooks Coming Next Year

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Still searching for the perfect holiday gift? Nickelodeon has the perfect one for you….for Christmas 2021. They’re going to re-release The Legend Of Korra on Blu-Ray next spring, with fancy new packaging.

A new limited-edition set will come in four Steelbooks that depict Korra using one of her elemental Bending powers — Earth, Fire, Water, Air — in the outfit she happened to be wearing that season. The art for the Steelbooks was done by Caleb Thomas, thanks to co-creator Bryan Konietzko discovering his work on his Instagram channel.

The Legend Of Korra was released to Blu-Ray almost immediately after each season was completed, and the discs in this new version will be identical. Special features will be the same as they were in the original releases, but they’re nothing to scoff at…there are multiple featurettes breaking down each season, animatics for several episodes, and commentaries recorded for EVERY episode (it’s always nice when this happens).

It’s interesting Nick is willing to give this show the royal treatment now, considering it was treated like a street peasant during production. Konietzko and DiMartino were not given a guarantee that they would be allowed to fully produce a multi-season arc before being cancelled. So they were forced to smash their initial story into twelve episodes, and each season from that point used a self-contained arc, though seasons 3 and 4 were ordered very close to each other. Nick also bounced the show around its schedule and refused to even air seasons 3 and 4 on the network, shoving them to debut on its website instead.

How limited is this set? Pretty darn limited…it may someday be as hard to find as a regular bear (not a platypus bear, but a regular bear…) The pressing will be restricted to 10,000 units, but if you’re worried about missing out, pre-orders are open now. The set will be released March 11, 2021.