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The Legend of Korra – “Reunion” – Episode 46 Recap


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Korra’s reunion with Asami and Mako are cut short when Prince Wu is kidnapped. Meanwhile Bolin and Varrick are confronted by a group of former Earth Empire prisoners.

Like last episode’s “The Battle of Zaofu”, “Reunion” dithers around with decent progress but also a heavy feeling of drudging familiarity. Korra returns to Republic City and with the exception of Bolin, reassembles Team Avatar. The plot centers on her, Asami, and Mako rescuing a kidnapped Prince Wu from Kuvira’s spies. As an action piece it works, the chase scenes are intense and the battles engaging. But as a sentimental whole, it’s lacking.

Early on “Reunion”, Korra, Mako, and Asami attend lunch to catch up. Their long time apart leads to some awkwardness and then mild hostility, which is neatly staged as an obstacle the three have to conquer in order to restore normalcy to their relationship. Mako is upset Korra never wrote letters to him or Bolin, keeping correspondence strictly between her and Asami. Korra suspects Hiroshi’s intent after Asami confesses the two are attempting to patch up, which provokes an offended Asami to chide Korra. Both issues are worthy conflicts but neither of them ever get off the ground, as they are meagerly pushed to the side to focus on Prince Wu’s kidnapping. This is “Reunion’s” biggest misstep. It favors a lengthy dispatch of thrills and vigorous combat over quieter, emotional moments. I would have pushed Wu’s trouble to the last act just so the central cast would have time to reflect on the changes in their lives and the consequences that go with them.

Bolin and Varrick’s B-plot is remarkably tedious, essentially trading one obstacle for another. Their escape from Kuvira’s army lands them in a forest, where they are soon surrounded by former prisoners from Kuvira’s “reeducation camps.” Varrick and Bolin are my two favorite characters in the show and “Reunion” proves their compatibility as a comic duo; they understand each other as often as they aggravated over the other. Any scene with Varrick is a plus in my books, but their misadventure has dragged on long enough and the episode isn’t revealing anything about the two that I didn’t already know. Bolin is an experienced Earthbender when he isn’t cracking jokes and Varrick pines for Zhu Li. Been there, done that. The best scene of this subplot occurs during a battle between Bolin’s team and Kuvira’s army. Varrick, unable to contribute on a physical level, takes matters into his own hands and builds an impromptu rod to depower the mechs using whatever scrapped materials he could grab at the last minute. Varrick and Wu share a bit of common in this episode; they’re unable to function without outside help. Unlike the latter though, Varrick has enough talent and cleverness to get his team out of a hot mess. We do get a viewpoint of the struggle of the escaped prisoners and learn that those not of Earth Kingdom ancestry are singled out, but their mistreatment simply repeats what we already knew about Kuvira’s power-hungry nature.

The past few episodes have been sluggishly paced. Book 4 is progressing, but outside of a couple of noteworthy moments, there hasn’t been anything particularly that stands out. It’s been eerily quiet and there have been few of the usual twists the show is fond of pulling off . Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, as the episode concludes when Kuvira and Baater Jr. discover the giant tree in the swamp. They plan to cut it down and harvest its energy. Another familiar staple of the Avatarverse is subjected to the ravages of time, and a chance for genuinely heartwrenching moments to come from this is something I look forward to. Otherwise, “Reunion” left me feeling cold.