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Leak Teases New Dragon Ball Super Movie

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To say that Dragon Ball is an important franchise in the history of the world (and especially in the history of anime) is an understatement. It was the anime that truly made the West appreciate the genre of animation. Dragon Ball has inspired all sorts of anime (and anime references) over the years and via its many series and movies and its ongoing manga has built up a very loyal fanbase. However, that fanbase has been wanting as of late as Dragon Ball Super ended years back with no clues as to when it would return in a meaningful form.

For those who don’t recall, Dragon Ball Super retconned the much-maligned Dragon Ball GT series and reset the timeline to the point just after Buu was defeated by Goku. After that, the Destroyer God Beerus arrived and a new set of journeys began. The series ran for over 100 episodes and then gave us the Broly movie that reintroduced into canon the fan-favorite berserker character. But that film came out in 2019 and nothing has been mentioned since. But…

Yes, a leak seems to indicate that another movie in the Super franchise is coming, and it’s coming next year. Tomorrow is “Goku Day” and many feel that it’s going to be announced then. As to WHAT the movie will be about, and whether it’ll actually go and bring the anime back is unclear, but there is hope.

Why is there hope? Because if you recall, the Super anime was started by not one but TWO movies via Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F. Both of which were “retold” in the anime. So, if there IS a new movie, then it could mean the anime is coming back soon in some form. Especially with the manga currently growing the stories of the Super universe still. Stay tuned for more…next time on Dragon Ball Super!