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The Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Is A Toonami Spoiler

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Have you been following Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim’s Toonami every Saturday? If it’s your only source of information and you don’t like being spoiled, you might want to avoid Dragon Ball FighterZ for a little while. As for those of you who don’t care, who do I happen to be talking about?…

The mysterious Goku Black. He looks like a palette swap of our smiling hero, but he’s actually the disguised form of Zamazu, an evil Kai. He attacks with an energy scythe and can summon Zamazu separately to fight alongside him. Goku Black and Zamazu are part of a future arc that hasn’t aired yet on American television, but has been available for several months on Crunchyroll’s stream. This is one case where people who prefer subs have an advantage.

Goku Black was revealed last month in the big Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer, but now he has his own. Check out his moves while you wait for the official release of the game on January 26. An open beta will be held on January 14 through January 16; those who preordered will get access to the beta one day earlier.

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