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Latest Batch Of Pokemon Journeys Episodes Get Release Date

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

The Pokemon franchise is aiming to have a very big 2021. Not the least of which is because this year marks the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The Pokemon Company as a whole has promised various big things including collaborations with Katy Perry, the release of New Pokemon Snap, and on the TV front, the continuation of Pokemon Journeys. The latest entry in the anime has been playing on Netflix in most of the world, and now, its next batch of episodes has a release date!

The episodes will arrive on March 5th, and insider information confirms that the long-awaited dub of the Alola reunion (featuring Ash meeting his friend from Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as his “little brother” via Kukui and Burnet) as well as the Pokemon Sword and Shield arc featuring the legendary Pokemon in that region, AND, the return of Mewtwo.

Now, as eagle-eyed people noticed, in the press release that announced these episodes of Pokemon Journeys The Pokemon Company stated that these are the “final episodes”. Which conflicts with the fact that the series is very much alive and well in Japan and running new episodes every week.

The answer to this is that the Pokemon franchise as a whole likes to rebrand itself over the course of a certain set of episodes, and that’s what’s going on here. There are even rumors that the next batch will be called “Pokemon Legends” based on information from the Pokemon website.

So while this next batch may be the end of Journeys, it won’t be the end of this series as a whole. Because Ash still has to try and conquer the Pokemon Coronation Challenge and Goh has yet to “Catch’em All” and reunite with Mew.

We’ll find out what adventures await these two when the episodes arrive once more on Netflix.