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Kobe Bryant Gets Special NBA 2K21 Cover Edition

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When it comes to sports games, being a cover athlete is an honor (and a curse when it comes to Madden, we’re just saying). And for the NBA 2K series, they’ve had a lot of great athletes adorn their covers over the years. But for NBA 2K21, they’re going the extra mile to go and honor one of the greatest to ever play the game. None other than Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire NBA career. Coming to the league via Europe and was a prodigy from the word go. He teamed up with Shaq to bring the Lakers 3 NBA titles, giving them their first dynasty in well over a decade. Then, he was put with Pau Gasol and others to bring his career title total to 5, securing his place as one of the best ever to play.

Sadly though, in January 2020, he and his daughter died tragically in a helicopter accident. The death shocked the entire world, and many have honored him both in personal gestures or in major ways. Including the NBA doing a special version of the All-Star game to honor Kobe, who had been in many All-Star games in his career.

As for NBA 2K21, they’re going to bring fans the “Mamba Forever” edition of the game.

There will actually be two versions of the editions. One for the past generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One), and then one for the next gen consoles via the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. The past-gen version will show Kobe with his younger look and No.8 uniform, while the next-gen version will feature him in his prime form and his No.24 jersey.

This is a perfect way to honor a legend, and while he won’t be around to see this, the memory of this, and him, will truly live forever.

Here’s the full reveal video for the editions: