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Knights Chronicle Overview – What to Expect

Knights Chronicle

Is there a new mobile game I can play? What’s this I hear about Knights Chronicle?

In this world, where video games are everywhere, especially on your phones, it can be hard to determine what are the best ones to play and what ones you should leave behind. Well, there’s one on both Android and iOS systems right now that we think you should pay attention to. It’s called Knights Chronicle, and it’s more than just a simple RPG experience, it is a game that mixes both 3D, 2D, singleplayer, and multiplayer adventures together for one truly unique experience, and it’s available now!

So what’s the story of the game? Well, it all takes place on a planet called Garniel. On this planet, there are Spirits, like literal ones, and these spirits come from all over the universe to Garniel to find out what they truly are. Some of them are good, and fight to protect the ones they love, and some of them are bad, and do things solely for their own benefit. And there are some who struggle with what they are, and can’t figure out what they want to be or need to be.

Watching over all the Spirits though is a goddess named Lady Garniel, and one of her creations, Lena, is noticing that the powers of her goddess are starting to fade, and she’s not sure as to why or how. Now, there is a great danger approaching, and the only hope is in a young man who seems destined to save everyone, if he can find the power and friends to ally with in order to do so.

Knights Chronicle

As you can see, Knights Chronicle has a distinct RPG feel. Interesting world, goddesses, monsters on the verge of attack innocents, it’s all good fun. But what truly separates the game are the characters and the features. Let’s break those ones down next.

First up is Theo, the main character of the game, and boy does he have an interesting backstory:

As a child, Theo survived a monster attack that killed his parents. As a result, his neighbors took to calling him “the Cursed Child.” He recently returned to Esod to protect it from monster attacks, but the villagers drove him away again.

SO yeah, not your typical protagonist, but yet, he actually is because he vows to protect everyone no matter what happens, making him a true hero. Thankfully, he won’t have to fight alone.

For he’ll have people like Leona guiding him on his path:

A mage from Esod Village. Thanks to her exceptional skills, she was recruited to participate in vigilante activities at an early age. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is always hopping from one activity to the next, except for when she stops to eat.

I like her, how about you? But if you don’t, fear not, there are more characters that join your party, including a clairvoyant named Lydia:

A woman from Hokhma Village. While she has her tribe’s clairvoyant powers, her future sight is limited and not nearly as strong as she would like. When she realizes that Osiris’ research isn’t enough to keep the land safe, she decides to join Theo’s party.

You’ll also meet characters from other kingdoms and factions, including the “White Knights” who are from the Kingdom of Heldrea. From this kingdom, you’ll meet Damian and Sinclair, two very unique and special soldiers who are fighters pure, but also have some depth to them.

Also among the White Knights is Rebecca, who is every bit as anime as you’d expect, but she’s actually quite capable, and is vital to the White Knights’ running as efficiently as they do.

Not to be outdone, you’ll also meet Ramu and Marduk, also of the White Knights, these two are battle-hardened warriors and you’ll be able to count on them in a fight…though not necessarily in a conversation.

And wrapping up the main characters is Nemesis…no seriously, that’s her name, and she’s got a unique backstory too:

A Dark Knight, the highest tier of the knights, from the Grand Duchy of Delcart. She’s straightforward, positive, and even reckless. She loves fighting and battles, but hates studying strategy and sword skills, so she’s often unorthodox in combat. Her instincts and judgment always guide her to victory. She wants to befriend Mary, a fellow Dark Knight.

Moving on to gameplay, Knights Chronicle features full-on 3D real-time combat, and it goes beyond just having characters battle. Each one, like a good RPG should, features unique skills and techniques, and when you unleash them, you’ll get special 3D animations showing them off.

As you can see, these are rich in detail, and the team behind the game don’t skimp on making them look super special.

But there’s more than just a simple singleplayer campaign for you to enjoy in Knights Chronicle. There’s also multiplayer dungeons too! You’ll be able to actually team up with 4 other players and see if you can work together and beat the dungeon masters. And given that each time you’ll likely be playing with other players, it makes every run in this dungeon a new adventure! So you’ll want to try this on multiple times.

If that’s still not enough for you, there’s also the “Advent Dungeon”, a very special mode that’ll give you the ability to challenge an even tougher dungeon, one that will force you to use your best strategies in order to win. And trust me, you’ll need to be on your toes, this dungeon will not hold back. But, if you are able to complete it, you’ll get to add the Dungeon Boss to your “collection”.

As you can see, Knights Chronicle is a great RPG experience that you can play right in the palm of your hands. In terms of looks, gameplay, story, it all is top notch.

And if none of this has swayed you yet, you should REALLY check out this anime-style opening for Knights Chronicle. Truly, it makes the game feel like a pure anime:

Get Knights Chronicle now on Android and iOS systems.