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Kled and Skaarl Announced For League of Legends


League of Legends is always adding new members to their legendary roster, and now, the main site for League of Legends has unveiled a new champion in for the of Kled, “The Cantankerous Cavalier”.

Here’s the official description of him and his lizard steed Skaarl:

“Noxian soldiers say a lot of things about the murderous yordle known as Kled. They claim he’s fought in every campaign ever waged by the Noxian legions, acquired every possible military title, and has never once backed down from a fight. These claims, like all stories about folk heroes, are dubious. But one part of Kled’s legend is undeniable: when he rides into battle on Skaarl (his cowardly steed), the Cantankerous Cavalier fights ferociously to protect what’s his… and to take whatever he can get.”

You can read his full bio on the LOL website, but here is a brief glimpse of his abilities:

Kled needs to go HAM. The Cantankerous Cavalier wants only to bring death to his foes, and Skaarl’s courage system rewards Kled for sticking through a fight, even after the reptilian steed abandons its manic yordle master. To remount Skaarl, Kled has to take risks and play aggressively—if he manages to earn back the lizard-critter’s trust, he can ride back into battle renewed by his buddy’s fresh health bar.

In lane, Kled’s strength fluctuates depending on whether Violent Tendencies is available. When it’s up, the Cantankerous Cavalier can smash opponents with his empowered autos, but the ability goes on cooldown for a bit after it’s activated, leaving Kled to depend on his other abilities to deal any meaningful DPS.”