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Kirby Star Allies Next Free Update Arrives July 27th

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Isn’t there another Kirby Star Allies update coming? What allies will be brought in?

Kirby Star Allies was the first major 1st party title for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. And as such, Nintendo is making sure it has plenty of fun stuff for gamers to play with during the year. The game’s DLC is mainly focused on bringing in more allies for Kirby. Specifically, ones from his past titles. The first update already released, but the second one is coming out on July 27th, and its characters were revealed to be Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, Adelene and Ribbon.

Level design director Yuki Endo had this to say about the arrivals, as well as what makes them special.

“In addition to Daroach and Dark Meta Knight making their entrance with the second free update, there is, in fact, another Dream Friend duo ready to enter the spotlight: a pair whose presence has been long missed, it’s Adeleine & Ribbon from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards!

Adeleine has the ability to bring anything that she paints to life, and Ribbon the fairy possesses a mysterious power that allows her to fly. These two have a really dedicated, long-time fanbase. Back in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, they played an important role in the story, but you weren’t able to control them yourself. Now that they’ve become Dream Friends, they can be player-controlled for the first time ever!

Adeleine and Ribbon fight using their unique powers, occasionally joining forces. Adeleine relies on the power of her paintings to attack. It’s far more potent than Kirby’s Artist Copy Ability, so expect to see some moves that will really color you impressed. More details on that later!

And then there’s Ribbon. She shares her power with Adeleine so they can glide through the air together. Sometimes they even team up to unleash a combined attack!”