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"Kiddy Grade Case 3": What Lies Beneath the Flash? Plot!


Eclaire and Lumiere, two agents of the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT), perform various tasks throughout the galaxy of the far off future. Armed with superpowered lipstick and an ability to control machines with just a touch, they do their job fantastically. But will old friends become new enemies in Case 3 of Kiddy Grade?

Kiddy Grade has been a fun watch, but rather lighthearted. Of course I couldn’t pass up a futuristic version of Charlie’s Angel (er, minus Bosely and Charlie, and with only one real gun-toting babe). The action and fun are always up, as is Eclaire’s skirt on occasion. It’s been a guilty pleasure of mine. But with Case 3, it goes from guilty pleasure to justifiably intriguing plot.

With “Trial / Child,” the two agents (and Armblast, their occasional ally) must escort a long-lost next of kin to his new family and fortune. Timothy Constance is only a kid, but he’s the heir to the Rosenfelt Financial Group, a consortium that commands the financial capital of the world. Timothy must prove himself to the snotty rich people (I guess even in the far-off future, rich equals snotty), and the story soon builds to a Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Pod Race of sorts, so if you wanted to see a race scene, this is it.

“Forbidden / Instrument,” the second episode on the disc, has the GOTT agents tracking down a Geo Sort bomb, a weapon capable of demolishing planets. One has ended up in the wrong hands and destroyed the planet Atoth. Eclaire and Lumiere better prevent another from being used, though they’ll have to get the necessary clearance to arrest the criminals.

Finally, “Mirage / Snare” sends Eclair to the planet Dardanos to track down missing businessmen. It turns out that Dardanos is a slacker’s heaven, but do the citizens really want four days off a week? The search for the lost men becomes a murder mystery of a planet-wide scale.

The three episodes each stand alone, allowing anyone to jump in with this disc with little back story (which can be found in the extras section). Two new pairs of ES Force members are introduced, and you also begin to see a larger arc forming with episode 8. Animation, video, sound, voice-acting are all on par with the previous discs (read: pretty darn good).

Extras include creditless song (just the ending this time, apparently), an image gallery (just some screen shots), standard trailers, and the original Japanese commercials for volume 1. Interestingly enough, we also get a rather extensive ES Force Team Dossier covering Eclair, Lumiere, their ship, and their mech. On top of that, there are standard profiles (once again covering Eclair and Lumiere, but also covering the other ES Force members). Read the dossier and then go read the remaining profiles in the Profiles section.

Audio? Dual language. Video? Fine. Packaging? Clear Amaray with reversible cover and an insert covering the episodes included.

Should you grab it? For those who have watched volumes 1 and 2, definitely. If you haven’t, this is a decent jumping-on point; I fear it might not be for so long, given the plotline that’s starting. Kiddy Grade makes the grade, mixing action and fun characters together.

Episodes included on Kiddy Grade Case 3: Lies Beneath:
Episode 7 “Trial / Child”
Episode 8 “Forbidden / Instrument”
Episode 9 ” Mirage / Snare”