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Kenan Thompson Working On Mystery Cartoon

Photo: People Magazine

Everyone knows the face of Kenan Thompson, whether it’s from his earliest days on All That, its movie spinoff Good Burger, his own series Kenan and Kel, or his extremely long run on Saturday Night Live. The one place he hasn’t gone yet is animation…but he seems to be headed there.

Thompson just announced his own new production company, Artists For Artists, and revealed at the same time that company’s first project would be an animated show. What kind of cartoon does Kenan want to make? Something game-y, sounds like.

The deal is with Sony, and the game is based on one of their video game properties. This is all Thompson can say for now, but his partner John Ryan Jr. (who also collaborated with him on Good Burger 2 for Paramount+) said a bit more. “We worked with Sony to get the rights to and we’re turning this game that’s done over $1 billion in sales into a cartoon. And they’ve been so giving with the freedom; we thought it was going to be a bigger lift than it was.”

Sony has been aggressively pushing its IPs into other media lately; this year alone saw a critically acclaimed Last Of Us series on HBO, a Twisted Metal series on Peacock (which just got a Season 2 renewal) and a Gran Turismo movie in theaters. It isn’t surprising that they aren’t through yet. But what is left that would also make for a good animated show?

If you’re thinking “Crash and Spyro” you are clearly old (it’s OK, so am I). Sony hasn’t held a claim on those characters for over twenty years, and as of the Activision buyout, they are owned by rival Microsoft. Ratchet and Clank would be a good guess, IF there hadn’t already been an animated movie with them a few years ago that bombed. Sony may be reluctant to give them another Hollywood spin.

There’s Jak and Daxter, or Sly Cooper, but those guys haven’t seen any action since the 2000s. However, that didn’t stop Sony from making a show out of Twisted Metal, which has been dormant just as long. It’s probably not Parappa, but I can dream.

Whatever it is, it’s new territory for the Good Burger guy. We’ll see what he orders up.

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