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Justice League Critiqued: "Metamorphosis Part 2"


Welcome to a new installment of Justice League Critiqued. Remember, the opinions expressed in the following review do not represent the opinions of Toon Zone.

Justice League Critiqued
By Anthony Garritano


It took me a long time to write this because I was really trying hard to come up with something polite to say about “Metamorphosis, Part Two,” when it hit me that I’m never polite. So, I’ve decided to be as brief and as brutal as I want to be. Be advised, those that liked the episode should skip this review, as it will no doubt infuriate you.


. Stay tuned for more Justice League updates here at Toon Zone News!<!– Albright, 10/15 2:25 pm – Swapped "” for ““, fixed italicization of “INTRODUCTION,” tweaked “target=’blank'” to “target=’_blank'”, added “a” to “…the idea of mainiac business…”. ||| Colin, 10/15 4:39 pm – let’s see… deleted “With that said…” from the opening paragraph… do we really need a cheesy lead-in like that? I added a comma after “…skip this review” in Anthony’s introduction paragraph, changed “cliched” to “clichéd”, changed the linked “Here” to read “here”, removed excessive Italics tags ||| C. Marinaro, 10/14, 5:04 pm – changed italics to quotes on episode title; changed “the story was tired first off” to “first off, the story was tired”; changed “our hero seems cliched when he, speaking of Metamorpho” to “our hero, Metamorpho, seems cliched……”; changed “like when Aquaman” to “as when Aquman”; put semicolon after “The Enemy Below” instead of a comma – and it’s still a terrible sentence; put a comma after “come on”; set link to open in new window ||| Colin 10/15, 6:42 pm – per Maxie’s request, reversed Italicized & Un-Italicized text ||| Rand, 10/16, 6:10 am – Bolded headings and turned them from caps to normal –>

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