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Justice League Critiqued: "A Knight of Shadows Part 2"


Welcome to another new installment of Justice League Critiqued. Remember, the opinions stated in this review are strictly those of the author, and not of Toon Zone. Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to the review…

    Justice League Critiqued
    By Anthony Garritano


    What can I say? Okay, actually a lot but we won’t discuss that. To get back on topic, “A Knight of Shadows” keeps getting better and better.


    Martian ManhunterThe second part of this haunting Arthurian tale continued to explore the psyche of the Martian Manhunter in a way the audience hasn’t seen since “Secret Origins.” In this episode J’onn is so tortured that he even turns on his friends for the slim chance that the evil Morgan will restore his home world and family. We knew he was lonely and lost, but I don’t think anyone thought he’d betray the Justice League. So, it was a great turn for his character and a real standout plot for the show in general.

    In addition to the J’onn story, I liked the detail in this episode. There was a lot of hidden comedy when Flash left his post to hit on some pseudo “Playboy Bunnies.” Also when the Hefner-like character said there was nothing more to life than money and women, Wonder Woman’s reaction was priceless. And when Hefner was transformed, it was so appropriate for him to turn into a man-eating worm given his last statement. I found it all very funny.


    The heartfelt story combined with a good dose of dry wit made this episode for me. Is it just me or do these episode just seem to be getting better and better as season one progresses?

Thank you, Anthony! For more comments on the episode, go Here. Stay tuned for more Justice League news and updates here at TZN!

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