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Justice League Critiqued: "A Knight of Shadows Part 1"


Welcome to a new installment of Justice League Critiqued. Remember that the opinions stated below are soley those of the reviewer and not of Toon Zone. Now, with that in mind, dig in!

Justice League Critiqued
By Anthony Garritano


Sorry for the delay in getting this to all you out there reading but my first born, a healthy little boy, came into the world this week resulting in a busy period of course. However, I still caught “A Knight in Shadows” and have some thoughts, as always.


! Part two of A Knight In Shadows will air Friday at 7:00pm (ET) on Cartoon Network.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new World’s Finest interview with Bruce Timm! More Justice League news and updates are on the way, here, at TZN!

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