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Junji Ito, He-Man Sequel, Wendell & Wild Announced For Netflix

Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2

As Netflix’s Geeked Week rounds the corner, it’s disgorged a bunch of early announcements that don’t have enough meat on their own to satisfy a full 300+ word article. Thus, you get a combo pack today!

The coolest news of the morning is the reveal that there will be a sequel to Kevin Smith’s He-Man miniseries, Masters Of The Universe Revelation. We loved the original for its daringness to push the concept to places it hadn’t gone before — what if Skeletor finally DID unlock the secret of Castle Greyskull? It happened and it was just the opening act that led to an insane power battle between Adam, his boney arch-nemesis and Evil-Lyn, the surprise third entrant. We want more. And we’re getting it!

The sequel series will be called Masters of the Universe: Revolution and it has no release window as of yet, but there is this sweet poster at least…

It’s taken Junji Ito a ridiculously long time to adapt his horror classic Uzumaki for Adult Swim — but they’re promising the thing will finally show up this fall, for what it’s worth. Perfect time for him to take on adapting….uh, TWENTY more stories for animation. We’ll all be dead by the time his great-grandchildren get that finished!

Actually, Netflix is promising Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre will be complete and out the door by 2023. It’s an anthology series that adapts frightening yarns from his books Tomie, SŨichi, and The Hanging Balloons. Here’s Ito himself to describe the process behind the whole thing…

Finally, for frights that aren’t QUITE as high-octane, Henry Selick is back to bring us another stop-motion animated movie with macabre overtones. The girl with all the eyebrow rings is Kat, who struggles with her own personal demons…and yes, we mean literally. Their names are in the title for this picture: Wendell & Wild. Neither of them are in the brief clip Netflix provided, which is about Kat investigating a weird noise and finding a glowing doll in a drawer. We’ll have to wait a bit to find out what that means. The film is due out this October.