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Joker Is Now The Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movie Of All time


The Joker movie went from undesirable in the eyes of fans and movie critics upon first being mentioned to undeniable in terms of the acclaim it’s gotten from many (including winning top honors at the Venice Film Festival) and the box office gross it’s earned from fans. It was already a major hit before, but now, it’s officially the highest-grossing R-Rated film in history. Ironically enough, beating out Deadpool to get that honor, another film that had to struggle to get made yet totally worked upon release.

As of now, Joker has earned over $800 million dollars, the first R-rated film to ever do that. Plus, with no really big movies coming out to challenge it until Star Wars in December, and even without the China money since it likely won’t be released there, the film is still expected to reach $1 billion dollars.

Director Todd Phillips was blown away by this, and the Joker film Twitter handled noted the following from him:

What might be the most shocking thing of all is that if the film grosses around $915 million dollars (which it’s on track to do), it’ll be the most profitable comic book movie in the history of cinema. As the movie only had a $60 million dollar budget.