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Joen Company Seeking To Revolutionize Anime Industry?

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If we were to tell you that there was a “new game in town” in terms of the anime industry. You’d likely think of a studio that is potentially working on a new hit show that’ll “blow everyone’s minds” when it releases. But instead, we’re here to tell you about Joen Company. This is a company that is going to bring together anime AND manga companies together under one brand to try and shake things up for the better. At this time, Wit Studio is taking part in the venture alongside Aniplex, CloverWorks, and Shueisha.

If you don’t know, those are some big names. Wit Studio alone has worked on Attack on Titan, Spy X Family and more. And the others aren’t slouches either. But that raises the question of, “what are they going to be doing?” According to reports, they’re going to be making anime at all levels. Whether that be shorts, full series, or even anime films. Something that, especially today, people are very much all for. The anime market has been booming for years and it doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing.

But wait, there’s more, according to them, a more “streamlined business model” is also a clear company goal. To what end? Well, the anime industry may be booming, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is sharing in the profits. In fact, animators are constantly overworked and underpaid.

But with Joen Company, they’re aiming to change that by making a better way for the profits to go to EVERYONE and not just everyone at the top. Which we’re sure many would appreciate.

Whether this merger as a whole works is obviously still up in the air. But if it does work out? Maybe we’ll see another boom in the industry, one that focuses on the workers getting what they deserve while we the fans get the best animes possible.