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JG Quintel’s Close Enough Is Actually Going To Appear Somewhere!

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HBO Max announced the premiere dates for a lot of anticipated shows this morning, but we’ll get to those in the next post. One bit of news in particular deserves an entire article of its own, just for ending a mystery that’s been going on for years. Ladies and gentlemen…JG Quintel’s Close Enough finally has a premiere date.

Not very many people have been following the existence of this cartoon, but those who have are constantly baffled by it. The show is the follow-up effort to Regular Show, by its original creator, and uses the same style — only the jokes are specifically aimed at grown-ups instead of pretending to aim at children.

Close Enough was announced shortly after Regular Show ended, back in 2017. It was developed for TBS and actual clips from the show began appearing shortly after that. The below trailer is also from 2017.

Yes, the show has been sitting on the shelf this entire time. Regular Show fans have been craving for it all these years and getting no answers from WarnerMedia about a premiere date. Rumor had it 2018 would be the year, but those twelve months passed without any indication the show existed. Okay, then….2019, maybe? Nope. Things got even more bizarre when HBO Max’s preview website listed Close Enough as one of their shows — and then it was removed.

But at least that was a hint that….maybe it would show up there? None of the trailers for HBO Max itself have used any clips from Close Enough. It was not until TODAY that the series description was just casually slipped into a larger infodump of upcoming HBO Max programs, and given a date of July 9.

From JG Quintel, creator of the Emmy-winning Regular Show, comes this surreal animated comedy about a married couple, their 5-year-old daughter, and their two divorced best friends all living together in Los Angeles. It’s about juggling work, kids, and pursuing your dreams, while avoiding time-traveling snails, stripper clowns and murderous mannequins. Their life may not be ideal but for now, it’s close enough.

July 9 actually isn’t a bad premiere day for Close Enough, given that it will have that week all to itself while Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Doom Patrol Season 2, and Search Party Season 3 will all appear on the same day two weeks earlier. But given that the show’s production hiatus has now been even longer than Family Guy’s, a Season 2 may not be possible no matter how it performs.

(Besides, the show you really need to be booting up is Infinity Train because Owen Dennis says HBO Max is thinking of a third season, but only if Books 1 and 2 perform well on the service.)

Close Enough, JG Quintel’s follow-up to Regular Show, premieres this July. Hope the extremely long wait was worth it.