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Jason Momoa States Aquaman 2 Is “All Mapped Out”

Aquaman 2

There have been many surprises in the last year of superhero movies. Endgame beating Avatar for the highest-grossing movie ever, Joker having earned $600 million dollars and counting despite controversy against it, and arguably biggest of all: Aquaman earning a billion dollars at the box office and becoming DC Comics highest-grossing film ever. And of course, many are waiting for Aquaman 2 to arrive in 2022.

Behind the scenes, many things are in play to both make Aquaman 2 and expand the universe via a spinoff film “The Trench”. Momoa won’t be in the spinoff, but he will return as Arthur Curry in the sequel, and he revealed to Esquire that he went to Warner Bros with ideas for the sequel and they loved them:

“I came in with a big pitch,” he said. “I came in with the whole thing mapped out, and they loved it.”

Momoa didn’t have much creative input the first go around with Aquaman, but he seems to be getting more now. The only questions that remain are whether James Wan will return to direct the film, and when the film itself will begin production.