Home News January 2010 TELETOON Highlights Include Debut of "Batman the Animated Series"

January 2010 TELETOON Highlights Include Debut of "Batman the Animated Series"


TELETOON has announced programming highlights for January 2010, with the highlight being the debut of Batman the Animated Series on the TELETOON Retro network beginning on January 9, 2010. Other highlights include the premieres of Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City and Chicken Run on TELETOON and episodes of Futurama and King of the Hill on TELETOON at Night.

The full press release follows:


Toronto – The streets of Gotham are set to be cleaned of criminals when the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series arrives on TELETOON Retro.Beloved by fans, Batman: The Animated Series is one of the most renowned interpretations of Batman, featuring intricate and ambitious storylines and an unique art style. Viewers can catch episodes of Batman: The Animated Series every Friday at 6 am, 6 pm and midnight beginning January 9.

TELETOON Retro will air the first 65 episodes of the series that follows Bruce Wayne as he lives his double life as a wealthy philanthropist and masked crime fighter. Batman: The Animated Series first premiered in September 1992 quickly drawing critical and fan favour with its distinctive take on the Batman story. Starring Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne, the show also features Adrienne Barbeau (Catwoman), John Glover (The Riddler) and Paul Williams (The Penguin). Famously, Mark Hamill takes on the role of The Joker.

Left an orphan after his parents were murdered when he was a child, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to protecting the innocent and ridding Gotham City of crime. Adopting the alter-ego of Batman, Wayne leads a secret life in the city shadows, stalking criminals and exacting vigilante justice. Joining Wayne in his mission is his faithful butler Alfred and young aerial-artist Dick Grayson. Along with depicting familiar allies such as Alfred, Robin, Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon, Batman: The Animated Series alsore-imagines classic Batman villains such as The Joker, The Penguin and Catwoman. The series also introduced new character Harley Quinn into the Batman canon.

As important as the dramatic narrative and memorable characters, the art style of Batman: The Animated Series also sets the indelible tone of the series. Named “Dark Deco” by the show producers, the look of the series, inspired by film noir, was created through the use of black background paper instead of the traditional white.

TELETOON Retro has given a new home to animated favourites such as Bugs Bunny, The Smurfs and Scooby-Doo. Offering a nostalgic throwback to timeless cartoons, the channel delivers new laughs with familiar friends like Tom & Jerry, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Woody Woodpecker. TELETOON Retro is now available on Access Communications (Ch. 271), Bell TV (Ch. 599), Bluewater TV Cable & Ex-Cen Cablevision (Ch. 64), Cable Axion (Ch. 247), Cable Cable Inc. (Ch. 508), CityWest Cable (Ch. 84), Cogeco Cable (Ch. 87), Compton Cable (Ch. 90), Execulink Cablecom (Ch. 130), Fraser Canyon Television Association (Ch. 45), Kincardine Cable (Ch. 301), Mitchell Seaforth Cable TV (Ch. 545), Mountain Cablevision (Ch. 390), MTS Allstream Inc. (Ch. 235), SaskTel (Ch. 46), Shaw Cable (Ch. 67), Shaw Direct (Ch. 536), Source Cable (Ch.123), Rogers VIP (Ch. 284), Vidéotron illico Digital TV (Ch. 159), Ward Cable TV (Ch. 545) and Westman Communications (Ch. 68).

Available in both English and French, TELETOON Retro presents classic cartoons all day, every day. A nostalgic throwback to favourites of the past, TELETOON Retro delivers new laughs with familiar friends over 6.6 million Canadian homes. TELETOON Canada brings kids, youth and adults the best in animated entertainment with four nationwide specialty television channels, TELETOON, TÉLÉTOON,and TELETOON Retro. Founded in 1997, TELETOON Canada inc. is owned by Astral Media (50%) and Corus Entertainment (50%).



Toronto – Secrets will be revealed, chickens will run and tweens will make the world a better place on TELETOON this January with the premieres of Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City and Chicken Run as well as the return of new episodes of Majority Rules. Also in January, viewers can catch the season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force plus new episodes of Action Force shows every Sunday.

On January 3, TELETOON Retro takes over the main network when TELETOON broadcasts five hours of TELETOON Retro programming including episodes of The Smurfs, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Batman: The Animated Series.

Action Force
Action Force sees even more action in the New Year with the premiere of Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City and the season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force. Viewers can also catch new episodes of Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 and Iron Man: Armored Adventures throughout January.

More creatures, new BattleGear and a startling discovery kick off new series Chaotic: Secrets of the Lost City, whichpremieres in Action Force on Sunday, January 10 at 7:30 am. Picking up where Chaotic: M’Arillion Invasion left off, this latest installment follows Chaotic’s warriors as they attempt to uncover the secrets of a mysterious lost civilization.

The countdown is on to the season finale of Ben 10: Alien Force, airing on Sunday, January 31 at 10 am in Action Force. Fans can tune into new episodes of the popular animated series every Sunday at 10 am throughout January in the lead up to the finale.

Mister Fix is back and he’s bent on destroying Iron Man’s armour in a new episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures on Sunday, January 10 at noon. Iron Man survives Fix’s initial attack but the effects on his armour mean big trouble for Tony. In a new episode of Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 on Sunday, January 17 at 8 am, Battle Force 5 meet their evil doppelgangers, giving the evil Vert a chance to infiltrate the group.

Majority Rules Returns
Becky tests out her detective skills in Majority Rules when the comedy returns to 3 Hours of Really, Really, Really Awesome on Thursday, January 7. In the all-new episode, Becky must track down the culprit after she is pied in the face by a mysterious stranger. Majority Rules airs at 8 pm.

Big Ticket Movies
The TELETOON Big Ticket Movie takes a tour of the animal kingdom this January, with a different animal-themed family film airing every Saturday at 7 pm.

Viewers curious about the intricacies of chicken culture will have their questions answered when the network premiere of Chicken Run airs as theTELETOON Big Ticket Movieon January 23 at 7 pm. Starring Mel Gibson, this film uses stop-motion animation to tell the tale of a peep of chickens plotting their escape from Tweedy Farm and its menacing new chicken-pie machine. Critically lauded upon its release in 2000, Chicken Run went on to win multiple industry awards as well as nominations for Best Picture at the Golden Globes and Best British Film at the BAFTA Awards.

Stuart Little,a star-studded film based on the novel by E.B. White, has its TELETOON premiere on January 30 at 7 pm. Michael J. Fox stars as Stuart, a clever young mouse who is adopted by human parents, while Nathan Lane is Snowbell, the family cat and Stuart’s nemesis. Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis round out the cast of this family film from 1999.

Also airing this January, it’s every animal for himself on January 9 when Cats & Dogs is the TELETOON Big Ticket Movie and Julia Roberts stars in Charlotte’s Web on January 16 at 7 pm.

TELETOON Retro Takeover
TELETOON viewers can revisit classic cartoons from the past when sister station TELETOON Retro takes over the main network for five hours on Sunday, January 3 starting at 1 pm. This special lineup will include an episode each of several popular TELETOON Retro shows including Transformers, GI Joe, Inspector Gadget and The Flintstones as well as sneak preview of TELETOON Retro newcomer Batman: The Animated Series.

1 pm Batman: The Animated Series 3:30 pm G.I. Joe
1:30 pm Superman 4 pm Inspector Gadget
2 pm Spiderman 4:30 pm The Flintstones
2:30 pm Fantastic Four 5 pm The Jetsons
3 pm Transformers 5:30 pm The Smurfs

TELETOON is where cartoons live – all day, every day. Available in both English and French in 7.7 million Canadian homes, TELETOON brings kids, youth and adults the best in animated entertainment, with programming available on teletoon.com as well as On Demand, on Mobile TV and iTunes. Founded in 1997, TELETOON Canada inc. is owned by Astral Media Inc. (50%), and Corus Entertainment Inc. (50%)



Toronto – TELETOON at Night salutes Keanu Reeves in Love You, Keanu, the movie theme for January. Featuring some of Reeves’ most successful movies and Johnny Mnemonic, Love You, Keanu titles air Thursday night beginning at 10 pm from January 7.

The Friday Feature movie offers up plenty of superheroes and a few tricksy hobbitses this January, with titles including Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and X-Men airing Friday nights at 10 pm. Also this month on TELETOON at Night, Futurama and King of the Hill air every evening from 9 pm with TELETOON Detour crashing the schedule from 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Love You, Keanu
Praised for its impressive use of CGI and absorbing plot, The Matrix is the Love You, Keanu title on Thursday, January 7 at 10 pm. Reeves stars as Neo, a computer programmer who discovers the truth of human existence in the 1999 movie directed by the Wachowski brothers.

The meaning of human existence is probed further in Love You, Keanu movie on January 14. Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and employing rotoscope animation, A Scanner Darkly follows an undercover agent as he infiltrates a group of drug addicts. Experiencing disorientating hallucinations and lapses in memory, the agent soon finds it hard to distinguish his true identity from his undercover role.

Reeves’ brain is so full it might kill him in Johnny Mnemonic, a TELETOON at Night premiere on Thursday, January 21. The Love You, Keanu movie pick follows a courier who uses a microchip implanted in his brain to transport information. On his last mission, Johnny Mnemonic’s data chip is overloaded, meaning he will die if he cannot deliver the information in time. Ice T, Henry Rollins and Takeshi Kitano also star in this 1995 film that was shot in Toronto and based on the short story by William Gibson.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and featuring an impressive cast including Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the Love You, Keanu selection on Thursday, January 28.

TELETOON at Night Friday Feature
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the Friday Feature on January 1 at a special time of 8 pm. Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning adaptation of the classic novel by J.R.R. Tolkien follows hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) as he embarks upon a journey across Middle Earth to destroy a powerful and dangerous ring. Also
starring Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Sir Ian McKellen and Ian Holm. Viewers can catch an encore of the film on January 29 at 10 pm.

The year is 3028 and the earth has been destroyed by vicious aliens. Titan A.E., the Friday Feature on January 8 at 10 pm, follows a young man named Cale as he attempts to find Titan, a mysterious spaceship that holds the key to humanity’s salvation. Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore and John Leguizamo star in this animated cult classic.

Based on the popular independent comic book, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is the Friday Feature on January 15 at 10 pm. Michael Jai White is Al Simmons, a murdered man who returns from Hell to exact revenge on his killer, an evil government agent played by Michael Sheen.

Despite being ostracized by humans, a band of mutantsfights to protect mankind in X-Men, the Friday Feature on January 22 at 10 pm. Based on the classic Marvel Comics characters, the film follows Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Rogue(Anna Paquin)as they join Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men on their quest to for peace between humans and mutants.

King of the Hill
Airing 7 days a week at 9:30 pm, Mike Judge’s King of the Hill brings a taste of the south to the TELETOON at Night line-up. The successful animated series follows Hank and Peggy Hill, their son Bobby, niece Luanne and assorted neighbours as they go about their business in a small Texas town.

On Friday, January 8 at 9:30 pm, Hank is forced to attend anger management classes after he accidentally cuts off Dale’s finger with a circular saw.

In a two-part episode of King of the Hill airing on Monday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 12, the Hills take Cotton to Japan to face the widow of a man he killed in World War II. While there, a life-altering secret from Cotton’s past is revealed.

Peggy’s plans to resurrect an organic garden go off the rails when she decides to use pesticides to deal with a bug infestation in the episode airing on Saturday, January 30 at 9: 30 pm.

TELETOON is where cartoons live – all day, every day. Available in both English and French in 7.7 million Canadian homes, TELETOON brings kids, youth and adults the best in animated entertainment. After 9 pm TELETOON at Night offers smart and topical comedy shows aimed at teen and adult audiences. TELETOON is also available on teletoon.com as well as On Demand, on Mobile TV and iTunes. Founded in 1997, TELETOON Canada inc. is owned by Astral Media Inc. (50%), and Corus Entertainment Inc. (50%)

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